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The Autistic Self Advocacy Network will be holding a Summer Institute August 13-17.  We are accepting applications to fill up to 20 slots for participation. This exciting opportunity is specifically for Autistic college students, whether you are in a certificate … Continue reading

Delayed Reactions

by Meg Evans Going away to college can be overwhelming at first. Being in a different place, away from family, and having so much to do… it’s a lot to handle. Even after it looks like everything has settled into … Continue reading

Talking About Autism in Higher Ed: When Professors Get it Wrong

by Sarah Pripas We live in a paradox. Talk of autism is everywhere, yet the voices of actual autistic people are frequently marginalized or absent altogether. While one would hope that academia would be more inclusive, this is not necessarily … Continue reading

When to “Come Out” as Autistic

by Alec Frazier Editors’ Note: The issue of disclosure is also discussed in the Navigating College handbook. In particular, Amanda Vivian’s chapter entitled “Discussing Disability Issues with Friends and in Class” would make good reading alongside today’s blog post. For … Continue reading

Pedagogy of the Confused

I became politically aware when I learned how to say “I don’t understand.” This didn’t happen until I was 20 years old. There are some things that are harder for me to understand than others. My confusion peaked in freshman … Continue reading

Welcome to Higher Education!

Over the course of the last decade, autism has become increasingly visible in the public eye. Celebrities talk about it, news stories report on it, doctors and parents fret about it – but very often our national conversations about autism … Continue reading